How Much Is My Website Worth? Posted December 11, 2012

Have you ever wondered how much your website is worth? Many website and blog owners wonder this very same question each day, but estimated the actual value of a website depends on many factors. Some of those factors include traffic, page rank, traffic sources, audience, nature of the content, amount of sales if a product or service is sold, and many other considerations.

Long story made short, there is no single automated way to determine the value of a website using an online service. Some Internet spots that claim to offer a valuation of your website that is automated can not be trusted as realistic. However others can get you in the ballpark of a price you could consider starting with at least.

So what are the factors these sites use to determine value of an online property? Well, it is many of the same factors that you can use here on actually. Those factors include (but are not limited to) : Alexa Rank, Estimated Traffic, IP Address, Country of Origin, Estimated Ad Earnings, Meta Information, and others.

The important element to bring to your research is by taking all of these factors together, and building a formidable case on the value of a web property. The reports generated here on will certainly help you when considering just how much your website is worth.

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