View Your Website Backlinks Online Posted October 11, 2013

Backlinks on your website is what makes most search engines know if your resource is popular or not. Search engines like Google and Bing count website backlinks as a vote towards credibility and authority when choosing to rank your website in their listings.

Over the last few years however the quality of backlinks have become more important with link spam and gaming of the algorithms becoming a larger problem for the search quality teams to combat. No longer can you take the links pointing to your website for granted and you have to review them on a consistent basis to make sure quality links are what you have and not spam.

Quality backlinks are those links which are built naturally over time and not by you. People should want to link to your website if you have provided a useful amount of information they haven't found somewhere else. Building links on low quality sites to simply rank has become a method that Google frowns upon and your website could experience the wrath of a downgrade should you get caught doing so.

Other times negative seo, or backlink building by your competitors to spam sites and pointing at your website in order to bring you down has become very popular also especially in very competitive niches. While it is not right it has become the way of the online world and a matter of business like it or not. While one might think that keeping such unethical practices in check would be hard, Google has introduced a disavow tool to help you discredit bad or spammy backlinks when you start to see them show up in your Webmaster tools section.

Finding these backlinks can be done with the following few tricks and free tools:

  1. Use the - - in the Google search box for free to see a profile reported by Google themselves.
  2. Use Google Webmaster Tools links section to see what is credited by Google for pointing at your website.
  3. Free limited tools from Ahrefs or Majestic SEO are also helpful in finding backlinks to your site.

Keep a track of what is going on with your backlink profile to prevent getting caught off-guard by bad link building practices or negative seo by your competitors.

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