Website Traffic Statistics Posted August 14, 2012

Website traffic estimation can be a tricky item, we here at have been around for many years and pride ourselves in offering the best available site analysis to the websites around the Internet, but we can never guarantee what you see is what you get.

We can see it is a very good indicator of the website you are researching though, in fact we have been told we are very close to the real thing for about 85% of the websites we pull statistics for. Here are some tips when using our site, and how to estimate website traffic the best way.

Website traffic estimators typically have a very useful interface that provides unique visitors and the ability to see related websites or compare several websites at once. Information is typically easy to understand and the layout is good to find your way around. Accuracy can be a concern, as there is never a 100% guarantee of the site analysis - rather it is more like "Here is our best guess" on what the site is doing. It is meant to help you in your website research, not be your final answer.

Sometimes data is exact, sometimes not is the important thing to note. As rankings can change hourly with some websites, data is sometimes delayed in reporting. It is important to check often if you are researching a website carefully.

You can use our web traffic estimator to get an idea about a certain site, but always keep in mind to use it as a baseline, as really the only the webmaster of the site you are researching has all of the official stats.

We hope this helps shed light on how Website Traffic Statistics work online.

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