Buying And Selling Websites - Marketplace Tips Posted June 19, 2013

When buying websites, the usual rule of thumb is 10 months of revenue. Lately that has changed with the Google algo updates making the predictable traffic and revenue something of question even within a few months of taking ownership.

The process of buying a website is more like gambling in Las Vegas now as to how well the digital property will perform in the future. Traffic could die overnight or it could skyrocket in a month. No one is sure.

If you are interested in buying website still, the leader in the marketplace is Flippa. Flippa has the highest quality of websites for sale available. Another place to check is the marketplace on DigitalPoint. While the quality of the sites are lesser and usually small, the freshness of the listings are few and far between. Either place you check though results in much due diligence before you should even consider placing your first bid.

One of the first things you should do is to verify some statistics about the website you are looking to buy. Here on is a great place to start by researching the domain name of the website you are looking at in our search box. We can give you certain key stats in a estimated manner about the property, like website traffic, value, ads, and Alexa rank.

Most of the types of website for sale that you will see include Blogs, Affiliate ClickBank sites, Sales pages, Niche informational sites, Dropship e-commerce, forums, membership sites, and other Niche community types. This covers most of what is out their for sale.

If you are selling websites, looking for buyers of your digital property is your first concern. By giving potential buyers as much information as possible about your sales and traffic will help get you the most qualified buyer for the best price possible.

Feel free to use our stats here on to detail your listed with helpful information about your website before selling it. Selling websites are as much of a gamble as buying them, so due diligence in your listing is important for the ultimate success of your sale.

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