The Accuracy of Alexa Stats Posted August 26, 2013

A website traffic and trend analyzer known as Alexa has been around for many years. Thousands every day go to Alexa to check the rankings of some of the most popular websites in the world. What is known as the "Alexa Ranking" is where this tool places websites in a ordered list of how it estimates the amount of visitors a certain website receives. But can you count on Alexa to be an accurate estimate of a website's traffic or not?

When it comes down to it, placing all your bets with only the Alexa ranking of a website is bad move. Alexa's bots can only crawl and estimate with a general idea of where a website ranks over others. The stats are also skewed with many insiders saying that Alexa only updates data periodically due to the sheer demand and amount of websites on the Internet.

Using the stats from Alexa should only be one tool that you use to guess a website's traffic and visitors locations. Alexa provides what it can best predict of certain elements of a site including Global Rank, Country Rank, Bounce Rate, Daily Pageviews, Time on Site, and Visitor Demographics like age, income, and gender. Again, the truth is that Alexa can only pull this information from users who track this data from the Alexa toolbar and bot guessing.

Everything leading up to the final calculation can be easily wrong or very right. However how do you know which one it is? The answer is that you can not unless you are the website owner or a manager with access to the verified analytics data. As an outsider you can not use Alexa for accurate stats. It can be used though to get a general idea of where a website ranks on the Internet and another helpful tool in your traffic spy research.

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